Indet designs and produces labels & accessories for your brand.

At Indet we design and produce labels, packaging items and all sorts of accessories that our clients need, in order to create, develop and promote their brand. All details count in order to stand out. We source new materials and technologies to create labels with personality. Our objective is to add value to your product.

Headquartered in Barcelona, and with the aim of providing an excellent service, we centralize our research and development of new products and techniques (R&D) in Spain.

Indet operates on a global scale, with own logistic and production centers in Spain, Morocco, Turkey, China, Vietnam, India and Bangladesh.

The key to our success is your brand. Discover how we do our magic!


Each season we create a new collection based on current trends, merging traditional ways with innovative ones, in order to experiment with forms, materials and techniques. We transfer this know-how to our clients and their projects, providing guidance in each step of the creative process, and making sure the outcome is optimal. We are specialists in fashion branding, with vast experience in related sectors such as cosmetics, footwear and sports brands, to name a few.


Production and distribution of all sorts of labels and accessories, nationally as well as internationally (Europe, Africa, Asia). Our customer service team informs our clients of the status of their orders all along the way. We guarantee quality control, homogeneity and quality standards in all of our productions.


Behind each order there is a dedicated, multilingual customer service team, in charge of informing and attending to our client, providing personal guidance along the whole process. Additionally, this team makes sure to coordinate the simultaneous production in different countries in order to guarantee uniformity and established delivery times.


Indet brings you, together with its designated own brand, Smartdots, the latest technology in alarms, variable data, traceability and RFID. We offer RFID labeling solutions, which can include printing and coding at origin in all of the formats that are available on the market, as well as innovative and creative solutions for warehouses and shops. Additionally, we can offer you interactive distribution models, which can help increase your sales through multimedia devices.


Indet produces and sells labels on a global scale. We have subsidiaries in seven countries: Spain, Morocco, Turkey, China, Vietnam, India and Bangladesh. We coordinate the logistics and stocks, overlook the quality and make sure that the products are produced homogeneously, as well guaranteeing the established timings and delivery terms, amongst other services.